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Video: Actor Christian Campbell on Being a Gay Icon Jimmy Nguyen speaks with Christian Campbell on what it's like for him to be a straight actor who is a gay icon. Christian recounts his starring turn in a gay role for the 1999 motion picture "Trick," and how that impacted his career. Jimmy and Christian also discuss why it's easier today for straight actors to play gay roles in movies and television. - Source: Huffington Post
Sherlock star Andrew Scott publicly comes out as gay Sherlock actor Andrew Scott has officially come out "as a gay person" in an interview with the UK  publication The Independent. The BAFTA- award winning actor was speaking about his new role in a BBC2 drama Legacy when he condemned Russia's president Vladimir Putin for the anti-gay laws recently promulgated in that country. (More...) *Andrew also stars in the new film Pride
Ab Fab Movie is apparently on the cards – Saunders Jennifer Saunders, writer and creator of the hugely popular Absolutely Fabulous (aka AbFab) TV series, has reportedly revealed on UK TV’s This Morning show that in fact an AbFab movie is on the cards. This in spite of, or possibly a result of, the fact that a hoax movie poster for a 2015 release of an AbFab flik has been doing the rounds on the web. Co-star Joanna Lumley quipped: “I think with a little bit of not-too- painful pressure [on Saunders], a little bit of vice-like grip and a Chinese burn on the arm, it’ll happen.” A release date is not yet set. - PinkCinema Writer
Cheyenne Jackson gives private lessions in new film Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks Cheyenne Jackson (Behind The Candelabra; Glee) is starring in a new film about an acerbic gay dance instructor who gives a conservative older woman (played by Gena Rowlands) Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (based on the acclaimed play by Richard Alfieri of the same name). Release dates and further information will be shared once available for our region - PinkCinema Writer
Acclaimed Hollywood director Roland Emmerich brings the Stonewall Riots to life in new film The iconic 1969 Stonewall Riots will see a new feature film made about this landmark time in LGBTI rights. Roland Emmerich (director of Independance Day, 2012, The Patriot) will be shooting a story that focuses on one man's political awakening following the riots themselves. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ron Perlman and Joey King have all signed on to "Stonewall," the working title of the film. According to Deadline Hollywood, the lead character (Jeremy Irvine) "befriends a group of street kids who soon introduce him to the watering hole of the local drag queens, gays, lesbians, and everything in between: the Mafia- run Stonewall Inn. There he meets the suave Danny (Meyers) but catches the eye of the Stonewall’s repulsive manager (Perlman), who colludes with corrupt police, exploits homeless youth for financial gain and is even suspected to have had a hand in some of their 'disappearances.'" Stonewall" does not currently have a release date. - PinkCinema Writer
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The Imitation Game is up for 9 Oscars Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek - Into Darnkess) is nominated for Best Actor Oscar at the 87th Academy Awards on 22 February 2015. Along with a Best Picture Nomination and co-star Keira Knightly’s (Pirates of the Carribean) Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Director for Morten Tyldum, Film Editing, Music, Production Design and Writing (Adapated Screenplay): a total of 9 nominations. PinkCinema Writer