Beyond the Glamour, the real story of Behind the Candelabra So why was there so much controversy over distributing this film? Perhaps it’s the risqué gay sex scenes or the taboo subjects of AIDS, palimony and showbiz decadence which prevented Hollywood from granting the film a mainstream cinematic release.  Subjects that have never deterred HBO before. (More...)
Cinema Retrospective: Far from Heaven to Brokeback Mountain In terms of retrospective pink cinema, two films stand out as an evolving understanding of being homosexual in a distinctly repressive yet ultimately American society half a century ago representing both urban and rural repressions of forbidden love. Repressive situations depicted in Far From Heaven and Brokeback Mountain are currently out of place in the 21st century growing industry of gay and lesbian weddings which has taken many American states by storm with the increasing legalization of same sex marriage from New York to Vermont. (More...)
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PRIDE - Unlikely Allies Find Solidarty Every now and then a motion picture comes along that defies convention, breaks boundaries and enlivens the soul. PRIDE does this so successfully, so subtly and with such universal humanity that it is simply irresistible. With a distinctive ensemble cast of very well known British and Welsh actors, dynamic new talent and the understated direction of a theatre professional, the film manages to sustain consistent laughter, tears and deep empathy in its audience. (More...)
Backup Buddy Love - Tackling The 10 Year Plan Hailing from the studios of Cinema175 in West Hollywood, writer/director J.C. Calciano, creator of previous Festival favourites such as ‘Is It Just Me?’, ’eCupid’ and the sneaky hit YouTube web series, ‘Steam Room Stories’, brings us his latest cinematic shenanigans. (More...)
Edition 006 - May 2015
Review: The Falls Unlike Ang Lee’s Oscar winning 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, American director Jon Garcia’s film The Falls is not big budget, overlong or does not feature any major Hollywood stars. Instead The Falls is a nuanced and superb analysis of how two young men find affection and sexual attraction for each other in the confines of a repressive religious context in this case the Mormon religion in the North Western United States. (More...)
REVIEW: Decriminalizing Alan Turing: The Imitation Game Norwegian director Morten Tyldum elegantly weaves a very touching and tragic story of espionage, cryptography and sexuality extracting nuanced performances out of Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing and Keira Knightley as Joan Clarke, an odd couple who make up the mysterious collective which work on and break the seemingly impossible Nazi enigma code at the height of World War II. (More...) David R Walker
REVIEW Saint Laurent: Cobras and Caviar - YSL’s Fight for Elegance Director Bertand Bonello’s epic portrait of the life of influential fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent is beautifully if not explicitly captured in his amazing biopic Saint Laurent, starring the gorgeous Gaspard Ulliel as the iconic and tortured designer. Belgian actor Jeremie Renier (In Bruges) stars as the French industrialist Pierre Berge whom together with Saint Laurent founded the hugely successful and influential Parisian Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent YSL, making it an international, synonymous with style and sophistication. (More...) David R Walker
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